Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are painful and affect every aspect of someone’s life. The scars they leave behind serve as a daily reminder of what happened. These injuries are painful and often result in life-long care. If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer to handle your burn case, you need an attorney who has represented other victims in burn cases. We routinely represent burn victims, protect their rights and present their case to a jury.

Different Types of Burn Injuries
Automobile fires
Motorcycle fires
Boat fires
RV fires
House fires
Warehouse fires
Chemical burns
Gasoline fires
Fires and Oil and Gas plants
Flash fires
Industrial fires
Hot liquids and steam
Electrical fires
Weather-related fires

Burn injuries are usually categorized into one of four categories based on the degree of the burn injury:

1st Degree –first layer of the skin
2nd Degree –outer and inner layers of the skin
3rd Degree – destruction of all layers of the skin, “full thickness” burns
4th Degree – destruction of all layers of skin, tissues and muscle to the bone

Treatment Options for Burn Victims
Burn victims unfortunately must undergo painful treatment and therapy. This treatment can include:

  • Hot tubs for cleaning affected skin areas
  • Painful debridement procedures
  • Skin grafts where healthy donor skin is removed from one part of the body and relocated to the burned site

Although advancements in technology have allowed donor skin from animals, such as pigs, to be available for burn patients, the long, painful treatment remains the same. These are by far, some of the worst injuries we see.

Why Should I Hire Ramsey Law Group?
John Ramsey routinely represents victims of burn injuries. Our firm has handled dozens of burn cases all over Texas and in other states as well. In a recent burn case, after two years of fighting and a four-week trial our lawyers achieved a $19,890,000* jury verdict in a 2010 Harris County trial for one of our clients. We have the experience and skills needed to fight for your rights.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a fire or explosion or suffered burn injuries, call the Fire and Burn Injury Lawyers at Ramsey Law Group for a free consultation.

*Case settled for a confidential amount following the $19,890,000 Harris County verdict.