Injured In a Car Accident?

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At Ramsey Law Group, we understand that the time following a severe car accident is stressful, and we want to help you through the difficult process. If someone else’s negligence injured you or killed your loved one in a car accident, our attorneys can help you recover the compensation you need, while holding the responsible party accountable.

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Why Ramsey Law Group?

Ramsey Law Group is an experienced, nationally known law firm based in Texas. Our Missouri City car accident attorneys are:

  • Client-focused;
  • Results-oriented; and
  • Recipients of top ten Texas and national verdicts.

We are proud to represent car accident victims in Texas and throughout the United States. Call Ramsey Law Group today to schedule a free claim consultation and have your legal questions answered.

A Missouri City Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Ramsey Law Group’s Missouri City car accident lawyers guide you through the legal claims process step-by-step. Our attorneys protect you from insurance companies and their settlement tactics, defend your rights to a fair and full settlement, and fight to hold the at-fault party responsible for injuring you or your loved one.

Additionally, Ramsey Law Group does the following:

  • Negotiates with the insurance companies;
  • Determines the value of your claim;
  • Files any civil lawsuits promptly;
  • Conducts a thorough accident investigation;
  • Gathers all relevant evidence; and
  • Brings the case to court on your behalf, when needed.

Ramsey Law Group’s attorneys build your case as if it were going to trial, and we will go to trial if that is best for you. Our legal team works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay legal fees when we win your claim. Call Ramsey Law Group today to learn more about how we can help you recover from your injuries: (713) 489-7577.

Car Accident Injuries

Every car crash is different, and so are the injuries that result. Car crashes cause several types of injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Extreme force or head trauma can result in traumatic brain injury. Victims of TBI can suffer permanent disability or even death;
  • Broken bones. Crashes may snap any bone in the body. Often injuries occur to the kneecap, ribs, nose, and skull;
  • Lacerations. Debris from inside or around the vehicle may slice or tear open a victim’s skin;
  • Burns. Hot car parts and fires from crashes require immediate medical attention. Severe burns are life-threatening and easily become infected;
  • Spinal injury and paralysis. Trauma to the spinal cord can cause complete or incomplete paralysis below the level of the trauma; and
  • Wrongful death. Wrongful death occurs on impact or after due to accident-related injuries and suffering.

What to do After a Car Accident

There are steps to take after a car accident to protect your health, legal rights, and provide documentation to your car accident attorney in the event a claim is necessary. Follow these steps:

  • Stay at the accident scene;
  • Call for police and medical help;
  • Get the other driver’s information, if possible; if not, allow the police to do so;
  • Get witness information, if possible;
  • Do not admit fault or speculate as to the cause of the accident to anyone;
  • Take photos of the scene and any damage;
  • Get medical care right away; and
  • Contact a car accident attorney.

Even if you feel fine, seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Car accidents can cause injuries that do not immediately appear or require a medical scan or an expert to discover. Do not make any statements to an insurance adjuster or sign any settlement documents before speaking with an attorney.

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Insurance companies will try to settle your claim quickly and for as little as possible. Before accepting a settlement, let Ramsey Law Group evaluate your claim. Our Missouri City car accident attorneys will assess the value of your car accident claim to ensure you receive compensation that covers your current losses along with any future needs.

Call us anytime at (713) 489-7577 or message us online. We are here to support you through this process.