Riding a motorcycle can be a fun experience, but it is certainly not without risks. Seasoned motorcycle riders know the importance of safety precautions, like wearing a helmet and proper gear. No matter how safe a rider is though, severe accidents can happen. Ramsey Law is well versed in helping clients who have been injured in a motorcycle accident navigate everything from insurance reimbursement to determining if any additional legal proceedings need to occur.

Even the most vigilant motorcycle rider can get in an accident. The smaller size of motorcycles compared to cars and trucks mean other drivers might not see a motorcycle and thus switch lanes, speed up, or stop suddenly resulting in an accident. Motorcycle riders need to be constantly on alert when riding and watch for signs other drivers might not be driving safely. When an accident does occur, it is important to examine all angles to determine who is at fault for the motorcycle accident. If it can be attributed to a party other than the motorcyclist, they may be able to seek damages to help pay for items such as medical bills, lost income, ongoing treatment, and pain and suffering from the responsible party. If the motorcyclist was killed, a wrongful death lawsuit may be pursued.

Although other drivers of cars or trucks are often at fault for motorcycle accidents, others might be to blame as well. For example, city or state governments that do not properly maintain the roads could be at fault in some cases. Also, if a motorcycle company improperly designed or manufactured the bike, that could be the cause of an accident as well. If the accident occurred in a construction zone or other area where the roads might be compromised or additional signage is required, this could be a contributing factor as well. Ramsey Law Group has the resources, experience, and knowledge to review each case to help determine if some person, business, or government was negligent and can be held responsible for an accident. If a case can be brought, we work hard for our clients during the entire process to lobby for the best outcome possible.

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