When a person on the street is hit by a car or truck, chances are it will result in a serious injury or death. The speed and weight of the vehicle compared to that of the person gives it a deadly advantage. Often, accidents involving pedestrians are the result of a driver being careless or distracted. Driving too fast, taking a corner too sharply, driving drunk, or driving while texting are just some of the distracted driving behaviors that may prevent a vehicle operator from seeing pedestrians and hitting them while driving. These accidents can lead to everything from broken bones to massive head injuries, internal and external bleeding, and sometimes death. Ramsey Law Group understands how daunting it can be to be the victim of a pedestrian accident and have to not only focus on getting better, but also to navigate dealing with insurance companies and holding the responsible party accountable. We have worked on numerous personal injury cases for clients injured by a vehicle while on foot, and take pride in our ability to help them during this trying time for their families.

The actions of the driver and the pedestrian, as well as the environment where the accident takes place, need to be evaluated before a legal course of action is determined. Even when pedestrians have taken steps to be careful, like not jaywalking, avoiding busy streets, and not walking at night, accidents can still happen. The size and type of vehicle, and the speed at which they are driving can all impact the severity of a pedestrian injury. Additionally, there are specific laws that may require more scrutiny when evaluating a case. For example, Texas has specific traffic safety laws for those operating a motor vehicle around school zones and construction sites, both of which contain a higher number of pedestrians daily and also have strict speed limit laws.  Looking at all of the nuanced legal aspects of a claim and gathering evidence from police, witnesses, hospital reports, and other relevant sources allows us to build a strong case to help an injured pedestrian. Ultimately, we assist our client in seeking compensation for medical costs, any lost income associated with missing work to heal or because they are permanently disabled, payment for therapy, and to help with pain and suffering.

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