An accident between a commercial truck and a car is often more serious and far more complicated than an accident involving only cars. Given the huge weight difference and potentially hazardous cargo, there is a much greater chance for a serious injury or fatality for a driver, passenger, or even pedestrian if involved in a trucking accident. Additionally, with a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or other large commercial vehicle, determining fault among the driver and the companies involved is not always straightforward. Ramsey Law Group has extensive experience helping clients get the maximum amount they are entitled to after trucking accidents. We have the resources and knowledge to see a case through no matter how long it lasts.

When examining a truck accident, there are often many parties involved that may be fully or partially liable for the accident. Beyond the truck driver, the company who owns the truck and the company who owns the trailer are also potentially responsible in the event their negligence causes an injury. Also, brokers who bring the trucking company and those who need products shipped together can be a potential party in your trucking accident case. Depending on the accident, Ramsey Law Group will look at each of the involved entities to see who contributed to the accident.

For example, a driver may not have had proper training, been encouraged to ignore driving time requirements, which means the company employing them could be held responsible for causing the trucking accident. Also, a trailer could have been loaded improperly, making it unsteady on the road. If that was the cause of an accident, the trailer company could be held liable. Examining each accident and each company involved lets us seek retribution from everyone responsible. Given the variety of parties involved and the resources they have at their disposal, as well as different state and federal laws that need to be considered, trucking accident cases can often take several years to be brought to completion, but Ramsey Law Group is committed to making sure our clients get the payout they deserve. We take time to gather all the evidence we can, consult with knowledgeable parties in the industry to get expert opinions on the cause of an accident, and ultimately hold the liable parties accountable.

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