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Posted on February 10, 2023 |

Passengers’ Rights in a Texas Car Accident

When a passenger is injured in a Texas car accident, they have the right to recover compensation for their injuries and other losses. Whether that is by filing an insurance claim or calling a personal injury attorney for an injury lawsuit. Options for Compensation for Injured Passengers in Texas There are typically several options...
Posted on February 5, 2023 |

5 Critical Mistakes People Make With Personal Injury Claims

One mistake after a personal injury accident can significantly impact your right to recover compensation. Here are the top 5 critical mistakes that people often make.   Not Hiring An Attorney Many personal injury victims fail to hire an attorney either due to fears of the costs or underestimating the value of their claims. It...
Posted on January 30, 2023 |

How Much is My Car Accident Worth?

Since every car accident claim is different, there is no simple answer for how much your case is worth. The amount of compensation you can recover will depend on many factors unique to your accident and situation. Therefore, here is a general explanation of how a car accident case’s value is determined.  Accident Expenses...
Posted on January 13, 2023 |

Who’s at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Liability for a rear-end accident usually falls on the rear car unless the leading driver’s negligence led to the crash. Therefore, who is at fault must be decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on which driver caused the collision.  How is Liability Decided in a Rear End Accident? Since Texas is a fault-based state...
Posted on January 10, 2023 |

Am I Required to Wear a Seatbelt in Houston?

Drivers and passengers in vehicles traveling in Houston and throughout Texas are required by law to wear a seatbelt. However, there are a few exemptions.  Texas Seatbelt Laws Vehicle passengers eight years and older must wear seatbelts no matter where they are seated. Children younger than eight years must be in a child safety...
Posted on January 6, 2023 |

Study Finds More Than Half of Car Crash Victims Under the Influence

Just before the Holidays, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the findings of a new study, showing that about 55% of people involved in serious road accidents, including fatal car crashes, tested positive for one or more drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence, which impairs drivers’ ability to think and...