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Trampoline Parks a Cause of Severe Injuries to Children

November 30, 2022Personal Injury

Since the first trampoline park opened in Las Vegas, NV about 15 years ago, the parks have grown in popularity and sprouted across the county. In the greater Houston area alone, there are at least 20 such trampoline parks.

While trampoline parks are a great way for children to socialize and get exercise, especially in hot-weather climates like Houston’s, children are at risk of suffering severe injuries while jumping at trampoline parks. In recent years, the number of personal injuries suffered at trampoline parks has skyrocketed. Parents and children should therefore be highly aware of the dangers associated with these parks and act accordingly.

The design of trampoline parks causes them to be far more dangerous than you average at-home, backyard trampoline. Typically, trampoline parks contain connected rows of trampolines, whose waves of energy generate in all directions, and have higher tensile strength. This causes trampolines at the parks to give off a much stronger bounce, which of course amplifies the loading in bones and ligaments and therefore can cause more frequent and serious injuries.

According to U.S. News, emergency departments treat nearly 100,000 children every year for injuries suffered at trampoline parks.

The injuries children can sustain following a trampoline accident can have life-long effects and may require ongoing medical attention. Some of the most common injuries suffered at trampoline parks include:

The risk of leg injuries is three times higher at trampoline parks compared to when children use at-home trampolines. Perhaps not surprisingly, older children and teenagers are more likely to suffer injuries at trampoline parks because they are more likely to engage in riskier behavior.

Unfortunately, incidents at trampoline parks have also resulted in a number of reported deaths. The exact number of deaths, however, is not known at this time because many lawsuits surrounding injuries have been subject to confidential settlement agreements and did not proceed to public trials.

Currently, safety guidelines and regulations have not been legislated for trampoline parks anywhere in the world. While researchers and parents have called for mandatory safety standards at trampoline parks, a lot of legislative and regulatory work remains to be done. Governments should implement evidence-based safety standards to ensure our children are protected and parks are held accountable for their negligence. In the meantime, parents and children must be aware of the dangers and protect themselves.

The parks themselves may be held accountable for your or your child’s injuries. If they were negligent in designing the park or implementing safety precautions, you may be able to recover damages for you or your loved one.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while jumping at a trampoline park, it is important to have an experienced Houston personal injury attorney by your side to guide you through the claim and litigation process. At Ramsey Law Group, we know just how devastating these accidents can be, we have experience handling a number of similar accidents, and we will fight to hold the negligent parties accountable. Contact us today for a free consultation.