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Texas Industrial Injury Lawyers

The energy industry is one of the largest employers in the state of Texas; and, it continues to grow each year. The often dangerous nature of the jobs in the oil and gas field can lead to serious injuries if there is an accident.

Energy industry accidents occur as each point in the production process, from extraction to refining to transporting to the end-user, deals with heavy machinery and combustible substances on a daily basis. This, coupled with a work environment that often prizes speed over safety, can contribute to some potentially hazardous situations for workers in the oil and gas industry.

Permanent injury and death can occur if something goes wrong or the proper safety precautions are not taken. Amputations, burns, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are all too often the result of a workplace accident in these working conditions. Besides being physically hurt, lost wages and medical bills can cause an injured worker serious financial hardship. Energy companies do not have an incentive to go above and beyond to take care of their injured workers’ economic damages or compensate them for the loss of quality of life, so usually the international giants will look to do as little as possible.

Ramsey Law Group understands how the energy industry treats injured workers or the families of those who are killed on the job. We fight hard to make sure our clients receive all the support they deserve. We take extra steps for our clients, such as making sure a client’s injuries have been evaluated by an independent doctor and ensuring the insurance companies are paying their fair share of the medical bills.

Our Texas personal injury lawyers also examine each case to see if the company was at fault for engaging in negligent behaviors like not training employees properly, ignoring safety precautions in the workplace, or not giving their workers the necessary safety equipment to do their jobs. If negligence can be shown, we will make sure the company is held accountable. We understand the tactics used by energy companies to delay or settle lawsuits brought by employees, so we know how to handle them when fighting for our clients. We have helped many clients win sizable lawsuits against their nonsubscriber employers and against other energy industry companies.