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Texas Workplace Accident Attorney

At Ramsey Law Group, we have experience successfully representing all kinds of injured workers. Our Texas workplace accident lawyers review each case to determine if there is a valid claim and, if there is cause, determine what approach makes the most sense for holding the responsible party accountable. Our Houston work injury lawyers have successfully obtained compensation for many clients, via both lawsuits and settlements, to help them become more financially stable following a workplace accident.

No matter the industry or job function, any worker can suffer an injury on the job. Due to the diverse industries and large workforce in Texas, our state, unfortunately, has a high incidence of workplace accidents. On-the-job injuries can include anything from a small injury, like a slip and fall at an office that keeps someone out of work for a few days, to or a serious injury that diminishes the person’s ability to work ever again.

Depending on the nature of the workplace accident, the victim may be subject to ongoing problems that need continuous treatment and therapy, such as chronic pain, diminished use of limbs, and permanently impaired brain function. In addition to accidents, workplace conditions can also cause serious illnesses due to exposure to toxic chemicals or substances. Ramsey Law Group understands the variety of types of workplace accidents and the complexity of handling these cases. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have extensive experience successfully navigating cases for all kinds of workers who have been injured on the job.

Despite OSHA standards and other safety requirements, businesses can ignore these guidelines in the interest of profit. Workers may believe workers’ compensation insurance is their only recourse for lost wages and medical and rehabilitation bills. But, depending on the severity of the accident, what is available may not be sufficient to make up for lost wages, medical bills, medical devices, caregiver fees, and debts from missed payments—not to mention the emotional toll and loss of quality of life such an accident can bring. No matter the severity, it makes sense to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to see if it would be possible to seek additional compensation. An injury may be the result of the negligence or wrongful act of management, coworker, contractor, or other involved party.