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Product Liability Overview

Defective Tires

Every year tires that were improperly made cause injury and deaths for drivers and passengers. Tire companies may put out a recall, but the recalled tires cannot always be removed quickly enough from the marketplace to stop serious tire defect accidents from happening.

Automotive Defects

New vehicles are designed and manufactured every year, often promising the latest in safety; however, these cars are not always as perfect as promised. Whether a design flaw or a problem with the manufacturing process, things can go wrong when a car is driven and ultimately causes an injury to the driver or passenger. A products liability car accident hurts not only people in your car but others on the roadway as well.


When someone is prescribed a medication, they trust it has been thoroughly evaluated and will treat their medical issue effectively. It can be scary then when a medicine causes a serious problem that was not known or properly disclosed.

Medical Devices

Medical devices cover a variety of items that provide a medical service but are not medicine, like pacemakers or hip and knee replacement parts. The development of these types of devices has allowed people to live longer, more comfortable lives. However, if a medical device is poorly designed or manufactured incorrectly, it can end up hurting a patient more than helping.

Baby Products

Deciding what baby products to purchase is one of the most heavily researched decisions parents make. New parents agonize over picking the safest strollers, car seats, toys, and clothes, among other products. Making these purchases and ultimately keeping their children safe are in the forefront of all parents’ minds when preparing their home for a new baby and as they continue to purchase items as their children grow.