When someone is prescribed a medication, they trust it has been thoroughly evaluated and will treat their medical issue effectively and safely. It can be scary then, when a medicine causes a serious problem that was not known or not properly disclosed. Additionally, it may feel daunting to find out how this error occurred and go up against the likes of pharmaceutical companies or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to hold them accountable. Ramsey Law Group understands how frustrating a drug-related injury case can be and we work with each family to ensure they can have some peace of mind during the entire process. We have extensive experience bringing justice to families who have suffered at the hands of pharmaceuticals or drug manufacturers and distributors.

Unfortunately, the promise of substantial profits often prompts drug companies to push out medicines before they have been fully evaluated. They may not understand all the side effects, particularly if they present only years after first being used. Additionally, the FDA often also does not conduct rigorous enough testing at the pressuring of the drug companies. The FDA may also approve a label that does not adequately describe the risks of taking a certain medication and/or has incorrect information on taking the drug. As a result, consumers can sustain serious injuries and illnesses from taking these medicines.

Some common issues we have seen resulting from improperly tested or labeled drugs include heart attacks, significant blood pressure increases or decreases, damage to internal organs, strokes, increased risk of developing cancer, and depression (which could lead to suicide), among others. If a prescription medicine is to blame for one of these serious and potential outcomes, it is important to have your case evaluated as soon as possible. Ramsey Law Group works with clients to determine if the pharmaceutical company is to blame. Then, we will fight to make sure you are appropriately compensated for the harm, financial, physical, and mental, this company caused you and your family. We are up for the fight with these big companies and we have beat them before. Our trial lawyers are willing to put in the time and effort to aggressively advocate for you.

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