Actual Client Reviews of Ramsey Law Group

Review by Client Burned and Injured by Refinery Pipeline Explosion:

Several years ago, 60% of my body was burned in a fire at a gas plant.  Other members of my crew were burned in the same fire and one of my friends died as a result of his injuries.  John Ramsey was our family’s lawyer.  He worked so hard on our case to make those who burned me responsible for what they did.  He traveled all over Texas taking depositions and prepared the case for trial.  Our trial lasted 4 weeks.  We were there every day and saw John and his team fighting for us.  We won the case and the jury awarded [amount omitted due to State Bar rules].  We were so happy that we found John to represent us and we would recommend him to anyone who needs help.

Review by Jacqueline, Houston Education Law Attorney:

I am fortunate to know many great lawyers — lawyers I would use myself. A handful of these are at the very top of that great lawyer list. John Ramsey is one of those. He zealously and passionately represents his clients. I am the Director of the Paralegal Program at the University of Houston. John speaks to my classes. When students see his presentation, they understand why he has such success with his cases. Every phrase is filled with his extraordinary knowledge of, and deep belief in, the law, his trust in his own precision & hard work, his compassion for his clients, and his unique ability to make his words go straight to the heart of everyone who is listening. From his old school use of yellow legal pads, to his high tech abilities to practice law from anywhere, John excels. From his ability to put his family first, to his commitment to attend to his clients’ every need, John inspires. Texas is lucky to have John Ramsey as a member of the Bar. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Attorney John, San Diego, CA

John Ramsey is one of the finest trial lawyers I know.  He is as tenacious in his pursuit of justice as he is empathetic to the problems of his clients.  He is that rare lawyer that can both understand and relate to ordinary people while at the same time tackle the most sophisticated litigation matters.  In short, he can make justice simple even in the most complex cases.  That’s why I have trusted him as co-counsel on my very biggest cases time and time again.

Former Client Richard, Houston, Texas

At a hard time in My ex-wife and my life, when we had just loss our son due to the negligence of an apartment complex, John came in and helped us understand what the law should have required of the complex, and that it should have never happened. He also went out of his way to make sure we were able to make it to every appointment and meeting we had during the long course of the case. He also would sit there and talk to us about what we feel about what happen to our son, not just as a lawyer but as someone that truly cared about how we feel not just what he needed to know. Even after the case ended he kept in contact with us, and asked us if we needed anything to contact him.  He does not just make you feel like a client, he makes you feel like family. We felt like he was just working on our case, when we both knew he was handling lots of cases besides ours. So if I had to have a lawyer for anything, it would be him.

Review by Client Whose Aunt Lost an Eye in an Auto Accident:

Forget everything you hear about Attorneys when working with John Ramsey
John Ramsey represented my Aunt who was in a car accident and walked away with permanent damage to her sight. Mr. Ramsey made sure she was taken care of. His communication and availability really impressed me especially when he stopped in to visit her for no other apparent reason than to see how she was doing. Where in this world are you going to find any professional that would do that? Absolutely can not say enough about him.

Review by a Widow Who Lost Her Husband in an Auto Accident:

Someone on my side
Mr Ramsey represented my family after my husband was fatally injured in an accident. My children and I had almost given up on finding any kind of help after the accident. Until John Ramsey called us back willing to help. He had no problem making the trip to Fort Worth and meeting with my family the next day. Not only was he a nice guy, He was very caring, clearly a family man. After 20 minutes taking to my family he had my little girl smiling, he made her feel like she was a big help in getting justice for her Daddy. He was there to help every step of the way. He did win our case that no one else would take. I can honestly say he earned the trust and respect of my family win or lose we knew we had someone on our side. He protected us from people, we didn’t know not to trust. He provided the facts and helped us get our lives back. Mr Ramsey is more than a lawyer. A guardian angel to me, and a super hero to my kids. Thank you John Ramsey.

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