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Workplace injuries happen every day in the United States. When these injuries are severe, they result in time off work, medical bills, and mounting personal expenses. Ramsey Law Group understands the impact workplace injuries can have on an injured worker and his or her family and wants to help you get back on your feet. If you or a loved one was seriously injured at work, call Ramsey Law Group. Our Houston workplace injury attorneys will assist and advise you in filing a work injury claim. We will also answer your legal questions, address your concerns, and provide you with any accident-related referrals available for your care.

Why Ramsey Law Group?

At Ramsey Law Group, our workplace accident attorneys are:

  • Skilled and successful in winning work accident settlements and verdicts;
  • Experienced and respected in the local and national legal communities; and
  • Caring and empathetic towards all victims of workplace accidents.

Contact Ramsey Law Group today to schedule your free, confidential consultation. Our law firm wants to help you receive proper compensation for your losses and fight to ensure you are treated fairly by your employer and the insurance company.

A Workplace Injury Attorney Can Help

Workplace injury claims are overwhelming and stressful. They place unnecessary strain on injured workers trying to regain their health. Workplace injury claims have strict deadlines, complicated paperwork, and many rules and procedures. Ramsey Law Group will take these legal burdens off your shoulders, meet your deadlines, and prepare and file all of your court paperwork. Additionally, our workplace injury attorneys will:

  • Investigate the causes of your injuries;
  • Gather any witness statements;
  • Consult with experts to assess your total losses and future needs;
  • Identify and pursue all sources of compensation;
  • Negotiate any settlements on your behalf; and
  • Proceed to trial, if necessary.

Call Ramsey Law Group to discuss your workplace injuries with our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys. We never charge upfront fees for your representation and are only paid after we win your claim.
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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

Houston work injury lawyers often use a contingency fee arrangement, which allows clients to retain their services risk-free and with no upfront cost. Without this kind of payment arrangement, many workers would not be able to afford to hire legal representation after a work injury. A contingency fee means that the injury attorney will not receive payment if they do not obtain compensation on your behalf. If the attorney does win a settlement, you pay the attorney an agreed upon percentage of that amount.

What Evidence Is Collected to Support My Claim?

The following evidence can be collected in support of your work injury claim: 

  • Injury Report: Soon after sustaining your work injury, you must notify your employer. There should be forms available in your workplace to do this. This 
    report will be valuable in documenting that your injury occurred at work.
  • Witness Statements: If co-workers were present when you were hurt, statements can be taken from them about what they saw.
  • Security Footage: If any surveillance cameras possibly captured the workplace accident, the footage can be secured and presented as evidence.
  • Medical Records: A doctor’s assessment of the extent and cause of the work injury he or she is treating you for is a crucial piece of evidence. Even if your injuries feel mild at first, you should still be evaluated by a medical professional in case symptoms arise later. Records about ongoing office visits and treatment are also important.
  • Maintenance Records: Any types of records which indicate that a piece of equipment was not serviced when it should have been, or otherwise indicate that safety measures are not being kept up. 

Immediately after your workplace accident, there is evidence that you can begin to gather if you are physically able to do so. Take photos and/or video of the scene of the accident, vehicles involved, any property damaged, faulty equipment, maintenance records, out-of-date protective gear, as well as any other aspect that may have led to your accident. If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact information, and permission to record a statement as to what they saw take place. 

Workers’ Compensation vs. Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation pays for medical care and a portion of lost wages regardless of fault for workplace injuries. In return, injured workers may not sue their employer for work-related injuries except in cases of extreme negligence. This leaves many injured workers with unpaid accident-related costs. However, a worker may qualify for a third-party claim to cover these additional expenses. Third-party claims allow workers to recover damages from parties they come into contact with while on the job, such as:

  • Subcontractors;
  • Contractors;
  • Equipment manufacturers;
  • Engineers;
  • Coworkers;
  • Architects;
  • Manufacturer of industrial chemicals;
  • Construction site owners;
  • Property owner or manager; or
  • Drivers.

Injured workers can file both a third-party claim and a workers’ compensation claim.

Types of Third-Party Claims

Third-party claims are unlike workers’ compensation claims in that workers have to prove the third-party was at-fault for their workplace injuries. Common scenarios allowing third-party claims in a workplace accident include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. A third-party causes a crash with an employee who is driving a work vehicle.
  • Construction site accidents. A general contractor fails to ensure a safe worksite, and a worker is injured.
  • Property owner liability. A worker is injured on someone else’s property by a hazardous or dangerous condition the property owner knew or should have known about, such as a sinkhole or vicious animal.
  • Defective equipment. A defective tool fails or causes an electric shock, or heavy equipment malfunctions and injures a worker.
  • Toxic substances. A toxic chemical or dangerous substance such as asbestos, lead-based paint, or poisonous fumes injures a worker.

Am I Required To Go to Court at Any Time During the Case?

Every case is different, and there are various factors that will affect whether you will have to go to court for either your third-party lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim. 

Third-Party Lawsuit

Whether or not your case goes to trial or settles before court proceedings begin is highly dependent on the details of your work injury case. You have the choice to settle with the insurance company rather than going to court, if they offer you a settlement agreement, but know that their offer may be unfairly low. If the insurer does not want to settle for the monetary amount demanded by your injury attorney, you may be advised to proceed to trial to obtain full compensation for your losses. However, the choice will ultimately be yours. 

Workers’ Comp Claim

If your workers’ comp claim is denied, or you don’t receive the benefits you deserve, you have the right to request dispute resolution through the Texas Department of Insurance. This process can involve several steps, some of which can take place in court, depending on the route you choose: 

  • Benefit review conference: informal meeting between yourself and a representative of the insurance company, to discuss the dispute and attempt to resolve the issues. 
  • Arbitration: if the dispute still isn’t resolved, you can choose to go through arbitration. Arbitration involves an independent party that listens to both sides and then makes a final and unappealable decision. 
  • Contested case hearing: you have the option of a formal hearing, rather than arbitration, that takes place in front of an administrative law judge. It is similar to a trial in that both sides present evidence, witnesses, and opening and closing arguments; however, your case is not heard by a jury. 
  • Appeals panel: if you lose the contested case hearing, you have 15 business days to appeal the decision in writing. 
  • Judicial review: if the appeals panel affirms what the administrative law judge decides, which they often do, you have the option of appealing the decision to a court of law to have your case heard by a jury. 

Common Causes of Workplace Injury

According to the National Safety Council, the 3 most common causes of workplace injuries are:

  1. Overexertion and Bodily Reaction. This could involve heavy lifting, pushing, throwing, or even smaller repetitive motions that add up over time.
  2. Slips, Trips, and Falls. In an ideal situation, workers catch themselves mid slip and never actually fall, avoiding a more serious injury.
  3. Contact with Objects and Equipment. A worker could come into contact with an object in a number of ways, such as being hit, pinched, pushed, or crushed.

These three categories of workplace accidents make up more than 84% of all non-fatal workplace injuries.

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