Moreno, et al. v. Hilcorp and A&R Demolition

Our client and his crew were called to salvage valves from an abandoned gas plant in Edna, Texas. The owner had cleaned and purged the lines prior to their arrival. After working on the project for over a week, our client encountered residual hydrocarbons in one of the pipes. An explosion occurred and he was engulfed in flames. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 60% of his body and spent almost two months in the burn unit at UTMB in Galveston. The case was tried for four weeks in the 55th Judicial District of Harris County, Texas.


Wojewski v. TXU et al.

Wrongful death case involving an auto-pedestrian accident. The case was tried over the course of a week in the 95th Judicial District of Dallas County, Texas.


MT v. Boss Hoss Cycles

Wrongful death case involving a rear axle fracture on a custom-made Boss Hoss motorcycle. MT and his wife were driving a Boss Hoss motorcycle when the rear axle fractured, locking up the rear tire and causing MT to lose control. MT was thrown from the motorcycle, suffering life-threatening injuries. His wife suffered fatal injuries. Boss Hoss announced a recall for its 1993 and 1994 models of due to rear axle failures/fractures. MT and his wife owned a 1995 Boss Hoss motorcycle, which likewise experienced a rear axle fracture, despite not being a part of the recall. This case settled on the eve of trial, after two years of litigation. We hired 9 experts, and deposed approximately 45 witnesses, in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Oregon and California.


JP v. Nexen Tire Corporation

Our client suffered a tread separation on his left front tire, causing him to lose control and strike a tree. JP, a professional athlete, suffered life-threatening injuries that ended his career. After dozens of depositions of witnesses, first responders, experts, tire factory workers, and corporate representatives in New York, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Seoul, South Korea, the case was resolved


Zendejas v. International Muffler Company

Approximately 51 days before the fire, our client purchased a new muffler manufactured by IMCO. As he was driving from San Antonio, Texas to visit family out of state, his vehicle was suddenly engulfed in flames as he was traveling at highway speeds. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 55% of his body. After a thorough investigation, we determined the muffler suffered a seam failure, which caused the fire. We hired fire consultants, professional engineers, and metallurgists to perform testing on exemplar mufflers, which revealed the defect in the subject muffler. The case was tried to a jury in San Antonio, Texas.


Martinez v. U-Haul

Husband and Wife clients suffered 3rd degree burns to over 60% of their bodies from a propane explosion. Their propane tank was improperly over-filled by an unlicensed and uncertified employee. The propane expanded in the summer heat, released through the pressure relief valve, and ignited when coming into contact with a nearby ignition source.


EC v. Continental Tire and Ford Motor Company

Represented 11 members of a youth group from a church in Oklahoma who suffered severe injuries when the tread separated from their tire, causing their 15-passenger van to lose control and roll over.


Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire Litigation

In 2000, Firestone Tire announced a recall of millions of steel-belted radial tires due to a risk of tread separations. The tires were installed on Ford Explorers. After the tire failures, the Explorers often lost control and rolled over. Thousands of cases were filed against Ford and Firestone resulting from these product defects. John Ramsey was counsel for over 100 individuals and their families who were injured or killed as a result of these products.


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