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Texas Drivers Rank Worst in the Country

July 28, 2023Car Accidents

According to a recent report by the Houston Chronicle, a Forbes study found that Texas drivers are the worst across all 50 states and Washington D.C. The data pointed out that 17.24 Texas drunk drivers are involved in fatal car accidents per 100,000 licensed drivers. 1.92 fatal car accidents involve a Texas distracted driver per 100,000 licensed drivers.  

Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads 

Here are some tips to help you drive safely: 

  •   Preparing to drive: Before hitting the roads, make sure your car is in proper condition to drive. Inspect both the interior and exterior of your car to ensure that there are no damages or potential hazards. An annual inspection of your vehicle is required by the state of Texas. If you want to make sure your car is road-ready or believe your car has a malfunction, here’s a link to find the closest licensed state inspection station to you.  
  •   Slow down: When you are driving, be on the lookout for the speed limit. Exceeding the speed limit can lead to consequences such as fines or jail time. Speeding also increases your odds of getting into a collision that could result in severe injury or death. To avoid speeding, consider leaving for your destination earlier and paying more attention to your speedometer. 
  •   Don’t drink and drive: In Texas, the legal limit for people 21 and over to drive after consuming alcohol is 0.08%. If you want to ensure the safety of yourself and others, it is recommended that you don’t drink any alcohol before driving. Before going out, consider nominating a non-drinking friend to be the designated driver. If you have been drinking, call a taxi or ride-share service.  
  •   Wear a seatbelt: Buckling up is one of the easiest things to do before driving. Research shows that wearing a seatbelt significantly increases your chances of surviving an accident. Texas law requires that drivers and all passengers wear seatbelts when driving. Failure to buckle up can lead to fines and court costs. 
  •   Turn the phone off: Using a cellphone while driving can be very dangerous, as they can distract you from paying attention to your surroundings. Looking down to see who texted you for even a split second can cause a major wreck. Powering your phone off or turning on silent mode while placing it out of reach is the best way to avoid any distractions from your cell phone.  
  •   Eliminating distractions: Focusing on the road and your surroundings is crucial to staying safe behind the wheel. Other than turning your phone off, avoid multitasking or eating while driving. Try to avoid driving if you are drowsy or sleepy as well. These acts can hinder your awareness on the road and could lead to an accident. 

By following these tips, we can help end car accident injuries and deaths once and for all.  

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