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The Benefits of Hiring a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

March 31, 2021Personal Injury

Nobody plans or wants to be involved in a situation that leads them to be seriously injured. But, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and people get hurt. In theory, you can handle a personal injury claim by yourself. However, in virtually every case, a far better approach is to hire a Houston personal injury lawyer to help and guide you. Here’s why.

They Have Experience

Personal injury lawyers are familiar with the legal procedures involved with litigating or mediating a claim. This includes knowing which legal documents to file, their deadlines, how to correctly complete forms, and the applicable statute of limitations.  If you don’t possess the legal knowledge needed to pursue a claim, it may allow an insurance company to beat you on a technicality.

They Will Collect Evidence to Prove Your Case

To be successful in your case, you will need to present evidence related to your accident. This evidence may include police reports, medical records documenting your injuries, photos of the accident scene, eyewitness testimony, and more. Your case may also require hiring experts in accident reconstruction, medical experts, and other expert witnesses to prove what caused your accident, the severity of your injuries, or other important aspects of your claim. An attorney has the resources to collect all this evidence and do so quickly before evidence begins to disappear.  

They can also issue subpoenas to gain access to evidence that may impact your case, such as security camera footage and cell phone records. These pieces of evidence are often difficult or impossible to obtain without a court order.

They Know the Value of Your Claim

Many factors come into play when calculating your compensation after an accident. Current and future medical costs associated with your injuries. The cost of wages you lose while recovering, and the emotional costs of any pain and suffering you endure must be considered. The at-fault party might be liable for extra damages if they behaved in a grossly negligent manner.

A personal injury lawyer can take these factors into account to calculate a reasonable amount of compensation you should receive for your injuries. They won’t let you settle for less. They can also determine each potential source of compensation after your accident. In some cases, compensation can be sought from multiple parties.

There Is No Risk 

Lastly, one of the most important advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyers is that they will work on a contingency basis. This means there is no money required upfront, and they will only get paid if the client receives a monetary award or a settlement.  A contingency fee agreement is incredibly beneficial since you can have someone who has experience working against insurance companies motivated to help you get the highest settlement possible.

We Can Give You Peace of Mind

The Houston personal injury lawyers at Ramsey Law Group are accepting cases on a contingency fee basis. We can ensure that your claim or lawsuit is supported by sufficient evidence, help you navigate the courts, and fight to get you a fair settlement. Call us today for a free consultation at (713) 489-7577.

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