Practicing Truck Driver Safety During The Holidays

Truck Driver Safety During the Holiday Season

December 22, 2020Trucking Accidents

When the holiday season rolls around, one thing is almost always certain – truck drivers will be on the move much more often. In fact, during the holiday season there can be more than 36% more drivers on the road at any given time, including large trucks delivering packages to homes and businesses across the country. Because of this influx of trucks on the road, it’s incredibly important truck drivers stay alert and take proper safety measures when driving.

Holiday Safety Tips to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Holiday Safety Tips to Prevent Trucking Accidents

With the holiday season upon us and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, truck drivers have been working at a breakneck pace to get deliveries out to various businesses and homes across the country. With more truck drivers on the road than ever, it’s important that they remain fully aware of their surroundings and meticulously practice safe driving methods in order to avoid getting into a truck accident.

Truck drivers must take proper safety precautions, including:


Truck drivers should remain aware of weather conditions and make sure they have ample time to get to their destination safely by being as patient as possible. No trucker should drive in severe conditions and rush to get a job done, risking a serious crash. Truck drivers must maintain sufficient space between vehicles to allow ample time for stopping and driving at a slower pace.


Federal law says truck drivers cannot exceed 11 hours of driving per day. These laws are in place to limit potential accidents that could arise from sleep deprivation. During the holidays, drivers should ensure they take care of themselves by getting an adequate amount of sleep and food in order to stay refreshed and alert behind the wheel.


Constantly changing lanes on the road is incredibly dangerous for large commercial trucks. This is because big rigs have multiple blind spots that could result in an accident if a lane change is not properly executed. Truck drivers should minimize the amount of lane changes they make and signal as early as possible to let other drivers know they plan to move over soon.


When on the road this holiday season, all vehicles should ensure they keep their fuel tanks full during the winter months. With 18-wheelers, full fuel tanks actually add more weight onto the tires to allow for better traction.


Truck component parts and mechanisms should be maintained no matter the time of year – but especially during the holidays. For example, properly maintained headlights can help truck drivers have enough time to stop before causing an accident. Headlights should be regularly cleaned in order to avoid accumulating layers of dirt or snow that could further obstruct the view of the driver.


Work zones are incredibly common to come across on the road – especially in busy cities like Houston. Because of this, truck drivers should slow down the moment they come across a work zone in order to keep workers safe. Truck drivers can potentially lose their commercial driver’s license if they speed near or in a work zone.

Houston Truck Accident Attorneys

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