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Veterans and Active Duty Military May Have a Claim Against 3M for Hearing Loss

November 18, 2019Products Liability

Recently, 3M agreed to settle a claim and pay the federal government $9.1 million for the damages caused by its defective Dual-Ended Combat Earplugs.  The settlement was the result of a False Claims Act or “Whistleblower” claim where someone came forward and “blew the whistle” on what 3M has allegedly known for years – that members of our military who used 3M’s combat ear plugs are suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus, and other ailments as a result of defects in these products.

What is the defect?

The original inventor of the Dual-Ended Combat Earplugs, formerly known as Aearo Technologies, designed an earplug that through its olive end, would block sounds like any traditional earplugs, while through the yellow end known as the “open position,” it would block out or greatly reduced loud impulse sounds, as those experienced by members of the military on the battlefield. At the same time, they would allow the person to hear quieter noises like voices or commands. As early as 2000, Aearo Technologies was allegedly informed by industry experts and engineers of dangerous defects in these earplugs. Specifically, the earplugs had dangerous defects in their length, fit, and width,  which caused them to loosen in the person’s ear without the person knowing. This allowed damaging sounds to infiltrate the ear canal from around the earplug rendering the earplug’s protection inadequate. Despite this, the manufacturer of the earplugs won a government bid, and the earplugs were issued to thousands of servicemen during 2003-2015.

How does 3M fit into the picture?

3M acquired Aearo Technologies in 2008.  3M allegedly became aware of the defect in the earplugs yet continued to issue the earplugs to the military for several more years. As a result, many veterans, servicemen and women are now suffering significant hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Tinnitus is ringing, hissing or buzzing sounds in the ear that can be continuous or intermittent. In most instances, there is not a cure for tinnitus.

Who may qualify for recovery against 3M for its defective Dual-Ended Combat Earplugs?

  1. Persons who were active duty anytime between 2003-2015;
  2. Persons who were given 3M Dual-Ended Combat Earplugs and
  3. Persons who have experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing ailments related to the use of the earplugs.

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What are the claims against 3M?

To date, several members of the military have filed suits against 3M for the following claims: Negligence, Strict Liability, Products Liability for Design Defect, Products Liability – Manufacturer Defect, Products Liability – Marketing Defect,  Products Liability – Failure to Warn, Gross Negligence, and more.

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How can I hire Ramsey Law Group to represent me against 3M?

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