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Houston Amputation Injury Lawyer

Amputation injuries seriously affect accident victims’ lives. When someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing causes you or your loved one the loss of a limb, you need supportive legal representation to help you move forward with your life. Ramsey Law Group represents clients in Texas and across the country who suffer amputation injuries through no fault of their own.

The Houston amputation injury attorneys at Ramsey Law Group realize the lasting effects of life as an amputee. We strive to offer legal counsel that is effective and makes a difference in the lives of accident victims.

Houston Amputation Injury Lawyer

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How Can an Amputation Injury Attorney Help Me?

When you retain Ramsey Law Group for your amputation injury claim, we start work immediately to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. Although most amputation injury claims settle outside of court, our attorneys prepare your case as if it were going to trial, including filing your civil lawsuit within any state statutory deadlines.

At Ramsey Law Group, we will also:

  • Gather all relevant evidence regarding your accident;
  • Interview witnesses;
  • Calculate your total current losses and future accident-related needs;
  • Hire needed experts;
  • Handle all insurance company correspondence;
  • Enter settlement negotiations on your behalf; and
  • If needed, proceed with litigation and trial.

Allow Ramsey Law Group to fight your legal battle, so you can focus on your health and peace of mind. There is no risk to you. We only charge legal fees after we win your case.

Causes of Amputation

Amputation results from the surgical or traumatic separation of a body part due to severe nerve or tissue damage. There are three types of amputation: complete, incomplete, and degloving.

  • Complete amputation is the full severing of a body part;
  • Incomplete amputation is when a body part remains partially attached; and
  • Degloving is the separation of the skin from the body tissue underneath.

Leading causes of amputation include traumatic accidents such as:

  • Workplace injuries;
  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents;
  • Severe burns; and
  • Defective or dangerous products.

There are situations where medical errors result in unnecessary amputations. Medical malpractice, while hard to prove, does happen. An experienced Houston amputation injury lawyer can review an amputation injury claim for signs of medical malpractice.

Amputation Recovery

Recovering from an amputation is a long-term process. Amputees may undergo a grieving process similar to the one endured after the death of a loved one. Additionally, amputees usually require some or all of the following:

  • Physical and occupational therapy;
  • Counseling;
  • Ongoing medical treatment;
  • Assistance from friends and family members;
  • Re-learning basic tasks;
  • Learning the use of prosthetics;
  • Adapting to home and transportation modifications;
  • Managing new economic circumstances;
  • Adapting to new social situations.

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