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Increase in Truck Accidents on Houston Streets & Highways

January 4, 2023Trucking Accidents

Far too often, the local Houston news channels are seen reporting on a catastrophic trucking accidents on our streets and highways. Last month, abc13 reported an unbelievable crash between an 18-wheeler and a box truck that “left one of the vehicles dangling over the Grand Parkway in Montgomery County.” Thankfully, and luckily, both drivers survived, with the local Fire Department pulling and rescuing the driver from the dangling truck. The images of the scene are quite incredible.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone is this lucky. Most truck accidents result is catastrophic injuries, leaving victims with traumatic brain injuries, debilitating spinal cord injuries, and even death.

Houston Tops The List

As we have previously reported, Texas sees more fatal truck accidents than any other state, and Houston has the highest rate of injuries and deaths in the State. This number significantly increases during the Holiday season, which we are in the middle of right now, because the demand on drivers increases significantly and the winter weather does not help either. Therefore, truck drivers should be highly cognizant in the coming weeks and months.

The following factors commonly cause and contribute to trucking accidents:

  • Driver exhaustion and fatigue form long hours spent behind the wheel;
  • Driver errors, such as poor maneuvering decisions;
  • Speeding, which is especially dangerous when combined with the massive weight of trucks like 18-wheelers;
  • Distracted driving, including things like texting, eating or doing anything that takes one’s eyes off the road;
  • Careless and dangerous driving decisions, such as drinking alcohol or being under the influence of drugs before getting behind the wheel; and
  • Inadequate training of drivers before letting them take control of such powerful vehicles;
  • Failing to adequately maintain the truck.

When a truck accident happens, it’s not easy for victims to know what to do and what options are available to them to help recover for their injuries. One of the best ways to protect your rights after being involved in a trucking accident is to hire the right legal counsel who has experience representing victims of catastrophic truck accidents. At Ramsey Law Group, we have that experience, and we will help you hold the responsible parties accountable and help you recover for the harm they caused.

With our experience, we can help you:

  • Get the right medical attention you need;
  • File an insurance claim;
  • Deal with the other driver’s insurance company;
  • Evaluate your case, including closely assessing all the factors that may have caused the crash;
  • Do other legal work on your case, including obtaining all medical records, bills, and other evidence, such as police reports, camera footage, etc.;
  • Negotiate fair compensation for your injuries, whether with an insurance company or the responsible party’s attorneys;
  • File a lawsuit to hold the other driver (and most often, the trucking company) accountable when necessary
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If your case does not settle, retain experts to win your case and prepare all witnesses and evidence for trial. If you or someone you know has been in an accident involving a commercial truck, contact us today for a free consultation by calling us at (888) 335-7477 or submitting a request form directly online.