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If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a car accident through no fault of your own, you might qualify to receive compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Call Ramsey Law Group to speak with a compassionate, understanding Sugar Land car accident attorney who will review your accident claim and advise you of any legal options available in your circumstances.

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Ramsey Law Group is a Texas law firm with a nationwide reputation for excellence in personal injury law. Our Sugar Land auto accident attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of the injured and want to do the same for you.

Ramsey Law Group’s car accident attorneys are:

  • Dedicated to our clients and our community;
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  • Successful in securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.
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Contact us today for answers to your legal questions. At Ramsey Law Group, we can take the stress of your legal claim off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on healing.

How Can a Sugar Land Car Crash Attorney Help?

As the victim of a car accident, you should seek the advice of an experienced attorney. At Ramsey Law Group, we estimate the value of your claim to make sure any settlement will cover both your current and future accident-related costs. Our car accident attorneys handle all of your paperwork, insurance company correspondence, creditor calls, and settlement negotiations.

Throughout this process, Ramsey Law Group keeps you informed of your case progress and provides you with timely answers to your calls, texts, and emails. We will continuously build your claim for compensation up to and through the following:

  • Conduct a thorough accident investigation;
  • Gather relevant evidence such as police reports, medical records, traffic camera footage; and witness testimony;
  • Hire qualified experts like accident reconstructionists and medical doctors;
  • File your civil lawsuit;
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf; or
  • Take your case to trial.

Most car accident claims settle before a trial. However, at Ramsey Law Group, we will take your case to trial if that is the best option for your compensation. The sooner you contact Ramsey Law Group, the faster we can secure compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Car Accidents and Liability

Auto accidents are all too common on Texas roadways. The leading cause of car accidents is distracted driving. Anytime a driver’s attention is diverted from the task of driving, the driver is distracted.

There were nearly 96,000 distracted driving crashes in Texas during 2018. Distracted driving may include:

  • Speaking with backseat passengers;
  • Texting;
  • Eating;
  • Reading; and
  • Using GPS.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, another typical cause of car accidents, leads to reduced reaction times, falling asleep behind the wheel, and unnecessary risk-taking while driving. In Texas, not only is an impaired driver potentially liable in a car accident claim, but so is any establishment that over-serves an already intoxicated patron who goes on to hurt or kill another person.

Aggressive driving, speeding and tailgating are dangerous activities that limit the ability to stop or react if there is a change in traffic conditions. In 2018, speeding caused approximately 9,400 fatalities. Stay clear of speeders and other aggressive drivers and call the police if these drivers continue driving dangerously.

Sometimes a part, not a person, is responsible for a crash. Defective or dangerous equipment on a vehicle like brakes or airbags can cause serious car accident injuries. When they do, car parts manufacturers and car companies can be liable for the damages that result.

Even a government agency can be at-fault for a car accident. When governments neglect roads or create poorly designed intersections that cause car accidents, they may be liable for accidents their poor planning causes. Victims should seek the advice of a Sugar Land car accident lawyer immediately if they suspect a government agency is responsible for their accident; there are strict guidelines and time frames to adhere to when suing any type of government entity.

There are numerous causes of car accidents, and some are simply unavoidable. The best way to avoid any car accident is to stay alert and focused while driving, obey any state and local traffic ordinances, drive appropriately for weather conditions and watch for distracted and aggressive drivers sharing the roadway.

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Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries vary according to the type of accident, speed of the collision, and kinds of vehicles involved in the crash.

An accident might involve any of the following scenarios:

  • A rear-end collision;
  • A head-on collision;
  • A rollover;
  • A sideswipe;
  • A single-car accident;
  • A T-bone crash; or
  • A broadside collision.

Regardless of the type of car accident, victims involved in crashes may sustain catastrophic, life-threatening injuries, such as:

  • Broken ribs and internal injuries;
  • Crushing injuries;
  • Head and neck injuries;
  • Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Amputation;
  • Spinal cord injury, including paralysis; and
  • Disfiguring burns.

Car Accident Compensation

Car accident injuries can require lifelong care and costly rehabilitation. Victims may be unable to return to their previous occupations or work at all. Drastic changes in living can alter a victim’s life so profoundly that there is a need for psychological counseling to help with the adjustment.

Car accident compensation allows recovery for:

  • Current and future medical care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of earning capacity;
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium; and
  • Wrongful death.

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