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If you or a family member need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney, call Ramsey Law Group. At Ramsey Law Group, we understand that recovery from a severe injury is stressful and taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our skilled Sugar Land pedestrian accident attorneys handle the complexities of your personal injury claim, so you can focus on recovery.

Why Ramsey Law Group?

Ramsey Law Group will aggressively pursue your claim to ensure you receive the compensation and justice needed for your injuries. If it is in your best interest, we are ready to take your case to trial. At Ramsey Law Group, our pedestrian accident attorneys are:

  • Experienced in negotiating and litigating pedestrian accident claims;
  • Locally and nationally recognized for excellence in the legal community; and
  • Proven success in achieving multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients.

It costs nothing to speak to one of our pedestrian accident attorneys. Call Ramsey Law Group today to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule an evaluation of your legal claim.

A Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help

In addition to providing you with prompt answers to your legal questions and the medical care providers you seek, our attorneys will help with:

  • Investigating your claim;
  • Determining any negligent parties;
  • Pursuing damages for your losses;
  • Assessing your current and future accident-related needs;
  • Dealing with insurance company correspondence;
  • Advising your creditors of a pending claim;
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf;
  • Filing a timely personal injury lawsuit; and
  • Proceeding with litigation, if needed.

Get professional help with your claim now. There are state time limits to file a pedestrian accident claim, so call Ramsey Law Group as soon as possible.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Sugar Land

Some groups of pedestrians are at a greater risk of accidents than others. Males are the most susceptible to pedestrian accidents, and teenagers are at the most significant risk for injuries. Statistically, other vulnerable groups include:

  • Older adults;
  • Intoxicated people; and
  • Children.

What Are Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Drivers who neglect their environment, traffic laws, and traffic signals cause pedestrian accidents. Some common driver-related causes of pedestrian accidents are:

  • Distracted driving, such as talking on the phone, texting, eating, and holding intense conversations with passengers;
  • Speeding;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Failing to stop or yield at intersections or crosswalks;
  • Driving inappropriately for weather conditions;
  • Making left-hand turns into pedestrians; and
  • Backing-up into pedestrians.

Pedestrians may also contribute to accidents. Distracted walking is now listed as a prevalent problem by the National Safety Council. Often distracted walking injuries are in relation to cell phone talking and texting.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrians can suffer any number of catastrophic injuries in a vehicle collision. They have none of the safety advantages a car offers its passengers and are totally exposed to the accident impact. Injuries in a pedestrian accident can include:

  • Head and brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury;
  • Spinal cord injuries, including complete or incomplete paralysis;
  • Broken bones and fractures;
  • Cuts and amputations;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Mental and emotional trauma; and
  • Death.

These injuries can take months or years to heal properly. The long-term effects can devastate an accident victim and their family. While compensation cannot bring back a lost loved one or repair the damage of a pedestrian accident, it can improve the level of care a victim receives and replace lost income on which a family relied.

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