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Posted on January 4, 2023 |

Increase in Truck Accidents on Houston Streets & Highways

Far too often, the local Houston news channels are seen reporting on a catastrophic trucking accidents on our streets and highways. Last month, abc13 reported an unbelievable crash between an 18-wheeler and a box truck that “left one of the vehicles dangling over the Grand Parkway in Montgomery County.” Thankfully, and luckily, both drivers...
Posted on January 3, 2023 |

Defensive Driving Facts and Statistics

With the high risk of being involved in a car accident, it is critical to drive defensively. Although you cannot control other motorists’ actions, defensive driving can increase your chances of a safe trip.  What is Defensive Driving? Defensive driving involves using techniques to reduce the risk of a crash by remaining alert, being...
Posted on January 1, 2023 |

Fisher-Price Re-announces Recall of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers

New parents are naturally filled with worry for their newborns and infants, but they should not have to worry and put their babies at risk with everyday products. Unfortunately, not all consumer products, prove safe. Just a few days ago, on January 10, 2023, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC),...
Posted on December 21, 2022 |

Recovering Compensation After a Road Rash Injury

Motorcyclists often suffer road rash in an accident when their skin makes continued contact with the pavement or gravel. In severe cases, skin graft surgery may be necessary, and there is also a risk of infection. When another party is responsible, you have the right to seek compensation for motorcycle road rash injury.  How...
Posted on December 20, 2022 |

Can I Recover Damages After a Slip & Fall Accident?

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you might be able to recover damages if a dangerous condition on the premises caused your fall. However, there are several factors that determine whether you can successfully pursue a slip-and-fall claim.  Elements of a Slip and Fall Claim To...
Posted on December 15, 2022 |

Signs Your Neck Injury Could Be a TBI

The neck can play a major role in traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms. Frequently, accident victims believe they are suffering from a neck injury, such as whiplash, when it may be an underlying symptom of a concussion or more severe TBI.  Neck Injury Symptoms That Can Indicate a Brain Injury  If you are experiencing...