Line of Sight/Backover Accidents

Every week, approximately 50 children suffer severe or fatal injuries because they are run over by a vehicle being operated in reverse. Most of the time, unfortunately, these instances involving a family member – a parent or grandparent – behind the wheel at the time. Often times, the child was simply trying to say goodbye to their loved one as they left a driveway or parking lot or retrieve a toy. These tragic cases are called “Line of Sight” or “Rear Backover” accidents.

Amazingly enough, many vehicles today, including trucks, Sports Utility Vehicles (“SUVs”), and mini vans have substantial blind spots. In fact, 60% of these accidents involve large trucks and SUVs. These same vehicles are marketed and sold by the vehicle manufacturers as a “safe vehicle” for your family.

As a result of the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, all vehicles under 10,000 lbs. sold in the United States after May of 2018 will require some sort of enhanced rear visibility device (such as rear camera systems and rear sensors). These devices have been proven to drastically lower the risk of rear backovers. Nevertheless, the automobile manufacturers consciously chose to omit these safety devices from their vehicles due to cost considerations, or, even worse, only included them as a part of a premium package on their luxury or high-end models. That means the average, hard working American’s children were exposed to this senseless danger all because a vehicle manufacturer chose to put profits over the safety of children.

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If you or your loved one has suffered an injury or tragic fatality due to a rear backover accident, it is important to preserve the vehicle involved in the accident and contact a qualified attorney immediately. Defective automobile cases such as rear backovers, rollovers, vehicle occupant crashworthiness (or “roof crush”), seat belt defects, tire defects, and airbag and airbag sensor defects, are complex and expensive. Our automotive defect product liability lawyers have the experience and resources to handle these claims and have successfully handled hundreds of defect lawsuits against Ford, GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Lincoln, Chrysler/Dodge, and Honda throughout Texas and in 12 other states. If you would like us to review your potential backover claim, contact our automotive product liability injury lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.