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Texas Premises Liability Lawyer

When visiting someone else’s property, be it a private home or place of business, guests have a general expectation they will be safe. However, premises liability accidents occur every day and sometimes can lead to serious injury. Sometimes the cause of an accident can be traced back to the property owner being negligent. If a person was injured while on someone else’s property, and the injury was caused by the owner not properly caring for the premises, that person may be able to bring a lawsuit against the owner to help compensate for the hardships suffered. Ramsey Law Group has helped many injured clients to determine if a premises liability lawsuit is an option and helped them recover damages.

Typical scenarios we have seen that cause injuries include water leaks, toxic chemicals being present, electrical malfunctions, premises not being properly cared for, elevators not being maintained, or potentially hazardous areas, like swimming pools or staircases, not having the proper safety modifications. Poor construction of a building or its surrounding areas like sidewalks and driveways can also cause accidents. Visitors allowed on private property should normally be fine, but if any of these property issues are present they can cause broken bones, head injuries, burns, internal injuries, and other serious medical problems. Depending on the severity of the premises liability accident, it could mean the inability to work, permanent disability, and in some instances death.

When examining a case, Ramsey Law Group will determine if the property owner failed to keep his or her property safe in such a way it could have caused an accident. If needed, we will thoroughly investigate and look for key expert witnesses to help strengthen a case against the property owner. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have helped clients win cases that have given them the money to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.