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Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

As people move into the last stages of their lives, physical and mental health conditions often require additional care. Individuals and families want to find caretakers or facilities that will provide the best support for their loved ones at the end of their life. While we all hope our family and friends have safe and peaceful golden years, we at Ramsey Law Group have seen an uptick in cases of elder abuse and neglect in the last few years.

The elderly are often considered an easy target given their diminished mental and physical capacity, and elder abuse can take a number of forms. For example, an elderly person might not be adequately taken care of because their facility or homecare service is short-staffed, have cut corners, and/or are ignoring patients in order to maximize their profits. Or an at-home caregiver may have started stealing from the patient or stop coming on the agreed-upon schedule. Workers have been caught physically, mentally, or sexually abusing patients. Caregivers and their employers are defrauding their elderly clients who are not mentally sharp enough to have a strong understanding of their finances. These instances and more cause not only trauma for the person, but their families as well.

It can be hard for the victim to indicate or report abuse and depending on their mental state, they may not even be aware they are being abused or neglected. If a family member is aware their elderly relative is currently being abused, this should be immediately reported to the proper authorities. After the family member has been made safe, Ramsey Law Group is also here to determine if current or past situations can be considered elder abuse and how to best go about holding the negligent and/or abusive parties responsible. We assess the situation, gather evidence, and fight to obtain the appropriate restitution to compensate those affected by these tragic situations. We not only provide you and your family with a satisfactory outcome for your loved one, but also hold the eldercare industry responsible, making it safer for our future generations of the aging population.