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Texas Vehicle Defect Lawyer

New vehicles are designed and manufactured every year, often promising the latest in safety; however, these cars do not always perform as perfectly as promised. Whether a design flaw or a problem with the manufacturing process, something can go wrong when the car is driven that ultimately injures the driver or passenger. A car accident hurts not only people in the car but others as well, and in some cases can even cause a wrongful death. Ramsey Law Group understands that sometimes a car company is the liable party for an injury or death caused by automotive defects and will help an individual or family hold that company accountable.

Some problems with automobiles that can potentially cause significant harm include defective brakes or brake pads, gas pedals, seat belts, airbags, steering mechanisms, fuel or exhaust system, cooling and heating systems, electronic/computer components, or any structural portions of the vehicle. If something happens and any of these perform incorrectly, it could be extremely dangerous. If an accident does occur because something in the car is defective, it must be shown the driver or passenger was using that part of the car correctly and they had not modified it in any way that may have caused the problem.

We encourage our clients to stay vigilant to anything they notice that seems wrong about their car and have it inspected if need be. Additionally, motor vehicle owners should stay on top of recalls for their vehicle. Often, once a car manufacturer becomes aware of a problem, it will provide consumers an opportunity to repair or replace their car at no cost. If an accident does still occur as the result of a defect, Ramsey Law Group is here to help. When we review a case, we research whether other people have experienced the same automotive defects issue as our client, take note of all the mental, physical, and financial damage done to the client and his or her family. Based on all this, we will work with you to determine a path forward to help get you the payment you deserve.

What is motor vehicle defects law?

Motor vehicle defects law exists to protect consumers from defects in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. Every company – from the vehicle manufacturer onward through the supply chain – warrants that the cars it sells are safe for consumers to drive and ride in; however, many vehicles sold are actually unsafe to drive. If a vehicle has a flaw, drivers could be operating vehicles that contain deadly defects. Errors made during the design or manufacturing processes can cause motor vehicle defects across thousands of vehicles across the country. If you were injured because of a defective car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV, or other motor vehicle (or vehicle part), you may have a products liability claim under motor vehicle defects law.

What are the most common vehicle defects?

A defective component part can make car accidents much worse. For example, a car’s brakes are its first line of defense against a crash. When a car can’t slow down or stop correctly, crashes can occur. In addition, some of the most common vehicle defects include:

  • Airbag failure to deploy
  • Airbag deploying without cause
  • Seatbelts unbuckling or other defects
  • Electrical system defects
  • Tire defects
  • Fuel system issues
  • Seatback collapse
  • Steering component failures

How can I find out if my vehicle has an open recall?

Vehicle recalls happen much more often than you might think; thus, recall notices are issued all the time. Even though automakers send out recall notices, they can be easy to miss. You can find out if your vehicle has an open recall by searching your car’s unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) on to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall page, at This search will show you information on any unrepaired vehicle affected by a safety recall in the past 15 calendar years. Many automakers have recall portals online, as well.